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A new place to explore and discuss ideas for moving beyond the complex intractable conflict problems that so threaten human society.

Accessing MOOS Content 

Guy Burgess and Heidi Burgess


Video Guide to Accessing MOOS Content

The primary MOOS content, which is the principal focus of the seminar discussions, is being published as a series of Core Posts highlighting the most important things that Heidi and Guy Burgess have learned from their work on the intractable conflict problem over the last 25 years.   These posts include the Burgesses' online mini-lectures (short videos) and articles, together with related materials generated by others. 

Our goal is to offer a lot of short--“quick reads” or "quick views" that can be read or watched in the context of people’s busy schedules.  These posts will, however, when combined with the other posts, yield a fairly comprehensive look at the challenges and potential responses to the problems of intractable conflict. In addition to the shorter posts, we will also provide links to more in-depth materials for people who have more time and want to explore particular topics in depth.)

Still, the key to the success of the seminar is not just the initial (and, we hope, provocative) posts, but the discussion that follows in the Comment section at the end of each post. 
(Where appropriate, materials submitted as Comments may be reposted and discussed as future Core Posts.)   So, if you have ideas to contribute to the larger discussion, we urge you to do so.  The Contributors page provides details on how to do this.

A final a key part of the MOOS is a much larger collection of Supplemental Materials featuring lots of additional content gathered from around the web. If you know of resources we ought to include, use the Suggest a Resource page to let us know.

This information is arranged and can be accessed in a variety of ways, each of which is described below.


There are two options for accessing MOOS content on each of three major social networking sites.  You can subscribe to just the Core Posts by friending or following "MBI MOOS" on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Alternatively, you can use these networks to subscribe to "Beyond Intractability" to receive the full stream of posts, including both the Core Posts and the Supplemental Materials.

The same content is being posted on each of these networks. So, in theory, you only need to sign up for one. However, because of the massive amount of information contained on these networks and the complex algorithms the networks use to decide what posts you actually see, you may miss some MOOS posts unless you actively visit the corresponding MOOS page on each network or on Beyond Intractability directly.  The links to each of these options appear below.

Core Posts Only
In order to subscribe to just the Core Posts, use the following links to friend / follow / connect to the MBI MOOS on ... 


Core Posts Plus Supplemental Materials
In order to subscribe to the Core Posts plus the Supplemental Materials use the following links to friend / follow / connect to Beyond Intractability on ...



Alternatively, you can read everything directly on Beyond Intractability, where more viewing options are available.  In addition to the main MOOS Website within Beyond Intractability, the Beyond Intractability home page contains a "banner slideshow" highlighting the MOOS, links to the principal MOOS pages, and two blogs with the latest Core Post and Supplemental Material postings. In addition, the MOOS can be accessed from the right-hand menu column of virtually every Beyond Intractability page.  All of this is explained in more detail below.


The Core Post Blog is a chronological listing of all the Core Posts. Short descriptions of each post are found here with, links to the full post (often with an associated video), and the comment and discussion section. This Blog is accessible from the Beyond Intractability home page, the right-hand (menu) column of all Beyond Intractability pages, the MOOS menu bar, and the MOOS homepage.


The Supplemental Materials Blog is a chronological listing of additional, provocative materials that we have found related to seminar topics including items from the news and thoughtful materials from academics, practitioners, journalists, social commentators, and educators trying to think through various aspects of the intractable conflict problem.  These links provide a powerful set of supplementary materials plus reflections on the latest news which place the project in context. This Blog is also accessible from the Beyond Intractability home page, the right-hand menu column of all Beyond Intractability pages, the MOOS menu bar, and the MOOS homepage as well.

On Beyond Intractability only, one can also find a Seminar Contents page that arranges the materials presented one or more of the project's four different types of seminars:
  • A Semester Seminar –A comprehensive semester-long exploration of a broad range of intractable conflict-related topics.
  • "Brown Bag" Seminars – A series of short seminars, each focused on particular problems and ideas for addressing them. Topics to be determined, but likely ones include:
    • US Politics (particularly, right now, the upcoming elections)
    • The battle between fighters and compromisers
    • Complexity-oriented peacebuilding
    • Responding to terrorism
  • Key Ideas – Videos or essays explaining (in 5 minutes or less) key ideas that everyone working in the peace and conflict field should (but may not) know, and

The contents for each of these seminars is listed on the master Seminar Contents page. This is the place to access all the posts that are being created in the course of each seminar.  In addition to providing access to "back posts," the Seminar Contents page will  provide an increasingly refined reference to the knowledge that the seminars have generated.


As the Seminars proceed and the volume of information covered continues to expand, the MOOS Search and Browse capabilities will become increasingly valuable. These tools provide an ability to search the full content of all MOOS posts and links. Users can also search and browse the supporting resources provided by the Conflict Information Consortium and, especially, Beyond Intractability.

We very much hope that those who feel that they have something to contribute to the discussion will take advantage of the MOOS's opportunities to become an active contributor.  Our Contributor page explains the process that we've set up for facilitating this larger discussion.

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