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This blog highlights and links to outside materials from around the web that supplement the various seminar discussions.
The Core Seminar Discussion Posts page lists the primary posts which are the focus of each seminar discussion.
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1 Oct 2016
Global support for diversity is surprisingly thin.  We need models for diverse societies that account for this.
1 Oct 2016
New Stiglitz book explains what it will really take to fix inequality. A big challenge for consensus builders!
30 Sep 2016
A reminder: voting blocks are not monolithic. Within-group differences are as big as between-group differences.
30 Sep 2016
A really terrific overview and great graphic highlighting the many ways that cognitive biases affect our thinking.
29 Sep 2016
Another problem for US democracy, the vast majority of elections are uncontested. Your vote really doesn't matter!
29 Sep 2016
Another persuasive analysis of the way in which US society is repolarizing and Trump's surprising strength.
29 Sep 2016
A terrific interactive animation that explains how polling works and how to distinguish noise from real trends.
22 Sep 2016
A very illuminating interactive graphic showing how the campaigns are actually changing opinions.
22 Sep 2016
For those who can't imagine how anybody could possibly be against common sense gun control, an explanation by David A. Graham from The Atlantic.
22 Sep 2016
An article by Drew Desilver showing a collection of graphs showing the dangers young people face and, surprisingly, how things are getting better!


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