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A new place to explore and discuss ideas for moving beyond the complex intractable conflict problems that so threaten human society.

System Status

Guy Burgess and Heidi Burgess

Sept - Nov 2016 - Still Working "Under the Hood"

Sadly, the effort to move BI onto a new operating system has been much more time-intensive than hoped, so we're still working on it.  We've decided to hold off posting new MOOS posts until the new site is done. 


July 2016: Working "Under the Hood"

As we were working on developing the Moving Beyond Intractability MOOS, it because apparent that our original BI system was showing its age and was in danger of failing.  As a result, we have now put all of our efforts into rebuilding the system from scratch with a new, more modern operating system.  This is a big job for a very small organization with very little funding, so it is going slowly.  We hope to be done by mid-August, however, in time (we hope) to deploy a new version of the Moving Beyond Intractability Massive Open Online Seminar in early September.  Stay tuned!

Winter, 2015-2016: Beta Version of the "Massive Open Online Seminar" Moving Beyond Intractability is Deployed to a Re-Designed BI Home Page

In the winder of 2015-2016 we introduced a beta version of our "Massive Open Online Seminar (MOOS) on the left side of the BI homepage, leaving the original BI material on the right.  We posted about 25 posts (which still remain posted) before we stopped production to focus on revisions and an upgrade of the entire BI site.  

Moving Beyond Intractability Massive Open Online Seminar
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